Smartidea Learning – Things to Learn in PPC

Smartidea believes that the utilization of paid ads has become quite a trend these days. PPC ads are capable to generate a satisfactory ROI in a short period of time. However, in order to ensure that you gain the best of running paid ads, you will need to acquaint yourself about the basics of an online paid ad. Once you are aware of PPC in detail, gain the most of it in your campaign. This article is about the things you should learn about PPC.

What impacts the quality score?

When it comes to PPC marketing, the historical clickthrough rate (CTR) for a keyword and relevant advert affects your quality score. The CTR rate means the number of clicks on the ads divided by the number of times it has been displayed (impressions). It is displayed as a percentage. A high CTR managed by Smartidea also helps in enhancing the quality score. The display historical CTR of your URL also affects your quality score with your overall account history.

Live elements that affect the quality score

Your overall account history is also taken into consideration when it comes to your quality score. In PPC management, the quality of your landing page and the related keywords associated with the advert will affect your quality score. In case you have a poor account history, you need not worry. You can make things right.

The functions of AdWords and keywords

Negative keywords refer to those words you don’t want in your ads to appear in. It will be required to continue adding negative keywords as you don’t want your ads to become visible beside the things which are negative for your brand. You don’t want to pay for irrelevant ads too. Smartidea experts will make sure of each and every aspect about PPC.

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