Smartidea Tips – On Driving Traffic of Your Website with Instagram

Smartidea loves experimenting with social media as it is the most powerful marketing tool these days. One should realize the importance of social media as it engages a community, build a brand’s voice, and promote content. But, once you build an audience, how to take them to your website? Smartidea delineates how to drive organic traffic and conversions with the help of Instagram. Read on to know more.

  1. Include a link in your bio

Instagram offers only one spot for a clickable link on their profile. In other words, link in bio. Use a shortened slug to keep this space clean. There should always be a link on your bio, whatever page you are hoping to drive traffic. Smartidea suggests encouraging users to visit this link by referring to your link in bio in your photo captions.

  1. Engage your audience creatively to swipe up on Instagram stories

Instagram stories provide a great platform to get the best of your creativity. It helps in sharing and creating content in a unique way by the means of compelling features like GIFs, location tags, stickers, boomerangs, and filters. The best feature of all is the ‘swipe up’ on a story post. This feature is only available when you are operating on a business account on Instagram. Business accounts help in analysing data and many more features. Besides ‘link in bio’ adding a URL on Instagram story is another way to directly link your website from Instagram.

  1. Make the most of the Shopping feature

A year ago, Instagram launched a shoppable feed to business accounts if you have more than 10k followers. This lets the brands link their product URL directly from Instagram photos, making it easy for the users to buy the products directly from the app. Previously ‘link in bio’ was the only way to land the users on the shopping page. When the user taps on a photo with the products tagged, they find the item’s price, name, and a URL to the product page on the brand’s website. You can also click on shop button to view all the photos of the products tagged.

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