Smartidea Tips – On Successful Influencer Marketing

Smartidea has observed that brands are gradually embracing influencer marketing and are not investing a fortune on influencer marketing campaigns. Despite the investment, many brands are still not realizing the full potential of influencer marketing. Here are six things from Smartidea experts to the brands to help them making their influencer marketing campaigns successful.

Do the due diligence

These days, big brands are cracking down on influencer fraud for a very good reason: as they have flocked to work with influencers, the fees charged by famous influencers is too high.

These fees are related to the number of followers the influencers have, but in a few cases, brands are paying extra to audiences that are raised by fake followers. In many cases, there were a huge number of fake followers.

As this problem is widespread, Smartidea’s suggestion to the brands that believe in influencer marketing will also need to believe in performing the due diligence of the influencers they work with if they want to avoid losing out.

Get comfortable in giving up some control

Unlike traditional marketing, influencer marketing will require the brands to relinquish some control over creative, where it goes and how consumers will interact with it.

Smartidea believes that genuineness is vital in influencer marketing and brands should understand that the influencers they are working with have a better experience of knowing what resonates with their followers. Yes, brands do need to maintain oversight of influencer campaigns to make sure they are following all the regulations, but they should invite influencers to be more creative and avoid micromanaging them.

Don’t expect overnight results

Influencer marketing is not one of the rich quick schemes of digital marketing. While famous influencers can highlight the brands they work with quite rapidly, converting influencer-acquired eyeballs into everlasting brand awareness and sales will surely take a bit of time. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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